Minimalist Sushi Bar Interior Design at SoSushi

Firstly we warn you that if you don’t like raw fish then don’t ever try sushi, and if you love it then please enter at this lovely spacious Sushi Bar design. This is a minimalist Sushi Bar interior design located in central city of Turin. We love the minimalism as well as the sweet pink color that sparkle up this restaurant interior design that has a straight lines and clean forms of white matte finish.

The design contributes to a harmonious and genius balanced. This place is Zen like, with everything so clean and the white color at the wall reflect purity. To maximize the minimalist restaurant space, UAU Studio, the Sushi Bar designer insert shelves, chairs and tables to avoid edges and corners unworn.

Having the fact that UAU Studio has altered the traditional look of the old city which is just occupying 45 meters square is amazing. It looks very spacious just by inserting a contemporary and structured, where all made mainly from Plexwood, giving this mini restaurant design an unconventional way.

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