Quick Tips on How to Hire an Architect ?!

How to Hire an Architect – Quick Tips

Some of you might think that it’s the right time to build a new house as a new year means a brand new you and a new house. So what will you need to do when you’re about to build a house ? Need an architect for sure. So when choosing the right Architects to make your dream come true, we have tips on what you need to do when you hire them.

  • Research your Architecture Governing Body

It’s very important to know the governing regulation body of the Architect as it will help the consumer and professionals in matters such as contracts and rights. Do some research in finding the best certified Professionals (Architect, Interior Designer, Landscaper) through your trusted one, such as trusted website link that provides the great database of an Architect & Professionals firms along with their past and recent established projects that can be easily checked or some nearby firms that available in your current location, do some comparison from several firms there to find the best one that can establish your Dream Home Ideas.

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  • What Do You Like

There are various range of building type, style and finishes you could find and applied in your Dream Home and its Interior Design Project, So the first basic ideas that’s comes up in your mind whether its a modern, contemporary, minimalist to traditional & classic style and finished, it should be already chosen and selected so that later the architects can be easily transform your ideas to design and what you really want on how you want your space to be, but if you really don’t have any idea and clue then at least you know the thin red line of what you want, so that the Architect will have guidance.

  • Ask for Referrals

It’s very crucial for you to find out on referrals from friends and neighbors on the architecture that they’ve experienced in making their homes.

  • Interview The Architect

You need to ask questions like; How are they paid ? By retainer first and then by milestones ? Do you pay for materials and labor by the hour ? How do they settle on the original contract terms and price when things go wrong ?

how to hire architects professionals interior design project timeline
how to hire architects professionals interior design project timeline
  • Ask on the work Time Line and Supervision

You need to ensure the time line such, when will the work begin, when will the design finish, when will be the kitchen done, when will they install insulation and etc. You also need to ask the architect how often they will supervise the project.

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