Keep Your Kitchen Clean and Healthy Tips & Ideas

The most important space that require the most attention in your home interior space is the kitchen area where the health of your family member starts. Seeing a dirty kitchen is so unpleasant and can bring bacteria and germs which can cause diseases.

Kitchen is the place where we cook, produce food and it is the place for food storage, and it’s very crucial to keep that kitchen, no matter your kitchen design is hygienically. Your kitchen’s health also affecting your family’s health and so how do you exactly keep it clean and healthy?

We have to face it that it’s a tough job maintaining your kitchen in a good healthy and clean shape and here we are with our special treatments for your kitchen to keep it clean and healthy.

Natural Kitchen Lighting Ideas
Natural Kitchen Lighting Ideas

1. Make sure your Kitchen Gets Sufficient Natural Lighting

Kitchen space is the heart of our home. Gives it enough natural lighting that flow in will make your kitchen space feel more warm, inviting, much lighter and brighter. Having enough sunlight else than for the purpose of lighting can also remove that annoying pests and vermin like cockroaches, fleas, rats where they just love damp, humid and dark area, like cockroaches, fleas, rats where they just love damp, humid and dark area.

You could done this kitchen natural lighting ideas by adding such as a narrow windows tucked between upper cabinets and shelves. This will create a warmth atmosphere to any kitchen space. An addition with window backsplash below the cabinets could also be a nice ideas to try.

Natural Light Kitchen Ideas Windows
Natural Light Kitchen Windows Ideas

2. Provides Enough Fresh Air

Fresh air is needed and this can be achieved by having a large windows or sufficient windows sizes to keep the air circulating. Installing the proper kitchen ventilation hood system in your kitchen area will gives your kitchen a a great fresh air circulation while throwing away the bad air.

There are several kitchen vent option available out there to choose that fits best with your kitchen space such as Under Cabinet Range Hoods, Wall Mount Range Hoods, Island Hoods, Insert Hoods, Downdraft Range Hoods. The factor to consider in choosing this kind of kitchen hood system are the cost, size, power, look, noise, ventilation type, fan speed, ease of installation.

kitchen exhaust system design ideas
kitchen exhaust system design ideas
shop kitchen range hood
kitchen range hood market selection

3. Always Clean your Kitchen from Oil Stain and Food Scraps

You need to clean from that oil stain and food scraps every time you cook and this is done to hinder your kitchen from germs and bacteria. For this kitchen cleaning purpose, you should know the basic kitchen cleaning kit to help you done your job nicely, such as all-purpose cleaner, dish washing liquid for hand-washing and dishwasher, DIY cleaning supplies such as baking soda, vinegar, lemons, dish gloves to protect your hands and lots more. So cleaning your kitchen could be much more fun and easy to do when you have the right tools in your hand

kitchen cleaning tips and ideas
kitchen cleaning tips and ideas

4. Never use Non Food Grade Plastic for your Crockery or Kitchen Appliances

By the time you learn that plastic can cause a severe impact to our health as plastic is made from chemical and toxic substances and can become poisonous to your food.

5. Clean your Bins Routinely

You need to clean your bins routinely everyday and every time it’s full. Don’t leave them stay at your kitchen forever because it can cause not just unpleasant smell but also invite cockroaches, rats, fleas, and germs.

6. Clean your Fridge Container

Clean your fridge container located at the back of your fridge every twice a year at the least. This is needed prevent molds or fungus at that container.

Now how does your kitchen feels?

Refreshing and great isn’t it. We’re happy if you stay healthy. Don’t go anywhere because there are plenty more tips and ideas for you waiting. You can subscribe any emails to automatically keep update with the latest tips and ideas from us.

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