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Second House by FreelandBuck is an architectural design 0

Second House in LA by Freelandbuck

Designed by Freelandbuck, this 1500 square foot house on an extremely tight site is an intricate aggregation of interior and exterior volumes. Closely surrounded by other residences and without potential for visual connection outside...

Ultra Modern Beach House Design 0

Beautiful Beach House Design at Trigg Residence

This beautiful family residence on a prominent corner in the beachside suburb of Trigg, Australia was conceived as an inviting summer house. The beautiful home’s design contrasts a dramatic multi-level form with refined, high-quality...


Open Hexagon Bamboo Honeycomb Wall Clock

This hexagon home decor product is catching our eyes in the first sight, yes, a beautiful, non tick, hexagonal bamboo honeycomb clock will enhance your living room appearance. This laser-cut hexagonal bamboo clock is...

mini living cls architetti arup 3d printing 0

3D Printed House by Arup & Cls Architetti

Todays everything is possible to be printed, that is including in printing your new house with this cool 3D-printing houses that was brought to you by Arup and CLS architetti Building 100 sqm House...


Cool Hexagon Wall Shelves Ideas

We always love this beautiful shape [Hexagon].. especially when it comes to remind us all about the cute honey bee with its waggle dance and its perfect hexagonal hives that they build around our...


Kids Bedroom Storage Ideas

Tidying up your kids space or kids bedroom might sound impossible without try to look up an ideas that gives you a bright inspiration on how to do that.. this kind and pretty organized...

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